Friday, August 22, 2008

Spotlight: Radiance at Mission Bay

One of the better new developments is Radiance at Mission Bay. I checked it out a few weeks ago, after they were able to start showing actual units. For a while, the developer, Bosa, was not negotiating on price or much of anything else. But with the second phase of Radiance intended to be built, they're softening a bit on price. At the $1M price point, you can get an 1100 square foot, two-bedroom unit with a partial Bay view. Homeowners association dues are in the $600-800 range, but you do have nice amenities, great landscaping plans, and very high-end finishes. If I were thinking about moving to Mission Bay (and I have considered it, because where else can you get that weather?), I'd probably buy a unit at Radiance. A tip: Some buyers who put down deposits quite a while ago on units are now having issues obtaining their loans. So they're looking to reassign their contracts at less than they originally agreed to pay. That's happening at other developments like One Rincon, too.

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