Thursday, August 21, 2008

Open House Goers: Beware of Outside Lands

You probably know by now that this weekend, Golden Gate Park is turning into a Bay Area version of Woodstock. SF Outside Lands is a three-day concert that kicks off on Friday. Honestly, I haven't heard of a lot of the featured bands, and at $85 for a one-day ticket or $225 for all three days, it seems a little expensive for a concert in the park. However, performers like Tom Petty, Steve Winwood, Jack Johnson, Radiohead and Beck are big enough to attract people in the city and from other areas.

But enough on my musical musings. The main message here is that if you're going to look at any open houses on Saturday or Sunday afternoon in the Sunset, Richmond or Cole Valley, don't count on finding parking very easily. Best to have someone with you who can babysit the car while you run in and take a look.

And if you're going to the shows, enjoy!

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