Tuesday, October 14, 2008

SF Market in Good Shape

If sales data is any indication, the San Francisco market is as healthy as ever. (Don't you love those types of comments from Realtors?) In any event, volume is certainly not down these days. There were 601 single-family homes and 513 condos sold in the third quarter of this year. In 2007, 593 houses and 543 condos sold.

The number of current pending sales is a good indication of how many properties will be reported sold next month. So far, there are 174 single-family homes pending, and 149 condos. Last November, a total of 188 houses and 189 condos were sold. So based on what's pending now (i.e., all conditions have been removed within the transaction, and the loan just has to fund), it looks like we are on track to match the volume for November 2008.

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